Saturdays are for Legends: Mountain Man's Inspiration

If Saturdays are for Legends then this man definitely ranks up there with the best of them. My hunting is a direct result of two generations passing it down to me. My Paw Paw Pete got my Dad into hunting and in turn my dad did the same for me. I'll always remember how I always wanted to go hunting with him and how excited I was when I finally got that chance. He was there for me when I killed my first squirrels, raccoon, and deer. He helped me become the man I am today, always encouraging to pursue my passions. His support and encouragement motivated me to do just that, utlizing the land animals I take to feed, clothe, and arm myself. I can't thank him enough for teaching me the ways of the woods, and I intend to keep the tradition alive and pass it on to my kids.

by Isaac White

Isaac does a lot of primitive outdoor relic creations, weapon building, ammunition making, etc now. He truly is a mountain man! Check out his facebook page for some of the crazy stuff he’s been able to make. If you have somebody you want to acknowledge please let us know by liking or commenting on this post. It’s so cool to acknowledge the ones who’ve taught us and inspired us in the past.

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