Major Health Benefits to Hunting and being an Outdoorsman!

Updated: Apr 7

In order to celebrate world health day, we wanted to talk about some major health benefits to hunting and being an outdoorsman.

Hunting and walking through the woods allows for improved cardio. Being outdoors in the winter time will improve vitamin D levels due to more sun exposure. Hunters tend to see more stress reduction being away from their normal environments. The outdoor air serves as a natural anti-depressant as well.

Hunting also has its benefits from a food and nutrition standpoint. Wild animals serve as the most organic food you can possibly get, going straight from the field to table without any preservatives. There are other programs employed by the state to allow hunters to donate food to food banks across the state. This has allowed for tens of thousands of deer to be processed over the years and to feed your communities.

Hunting also benefits the health of the wildlife ecosystem. Each species can change and adjust the natural habitat based upon which animal species are dominant in those areas. Wildlife agencies do a very good job at monitoring numbers of species and whether or not they are getting overgrown or endangered and adjust bag limitation based upon these numbers and other things taken into consideration.

Hunting also helps prevent the spread of disease throughout animals. Hunters ethically will take out some animals if they appear to be suffering or ill with an ethical kill. This prevents that animal from spreading disease to any other animals. One also must take into account the timing of the hunting season. Especially in places with harsher weather, whitetail deer hunting season happens right before and during the beginning of winter which can allow weaker animals to be harvested. Just like with all species of animals and humans, the weaker your body is the easier it will be to contract and spread disease. Hunting helps these weaker animals to be harvested and can prevent them from potentially becoming diseased due to a harsh winter.

These are just a few of many health benefits hunting can provide. Not to mention the economically benefits it provides the state through DNR jobs and income to the state through licensing, safety courses, etc. We hope you learned something and continue to strive to stay physically and mentally healthy through outdoor activities!

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